Without any problem how can you operate your ATM card

Hello Friends, my name is Aashish Yadav and all of you are welcome to my website, whose name is Bustle world Friends, in this post of today, I am going to inform you today about ATM machine, due to which some problems are coming in many times. You do not withdraw money.

Friends ATM, whose full name is (automatic teller machine), it is very easy to use but a little mistake can end your entire bank balance.

Without any problem how can you operate your ATM card 1

For this, you have to take care of many things so that nothing can be wrong with you, for this we will tell you some things in this post so that you can know how to use ATM card and what precautions you need have to keep.

If you have given an ATM card to someone else, change the PIN later. If your ATM card is lost by mistake or you cannot find it, then immediately call the bank’s tollfree number and block the card. Otherwise your whole account can be empty and go to the bank to apply for a new card.

After getting the new ATM card, you can go to any ATM and generate your new PIN. Apart from this, if you make an online payment with an ATM card, then you should keep changing the PIN of the ATM from time to time for security.

Without any problem how can you operate your ATM card

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How to change ATM PIN

How to change ATM PIN

To change ATM PIN, first of all visit your nearest ATM center.

Add your old PIN to ATM MACHINE and open your account.

Now you will have the option of pin change on the ATM machine screen, click on it.

After this, you will be asked for a new PIN, where you add your new PIN, then enter the new PIN once and click on OK, now your ATM PIN has been changed and you will also get a receipt.

If you went to withdraw money from ATM and you took money from ATM, put card in all ATM machine, put PIN, amount and click on OK.

But money did not come out from ATM but MASSAGE came on your mobile phone that you have withdrawn money

So in this situation, you have to first go to any nearby branch of your bank and register the complaint. If you do not go to any branch of the bank, then you can make a complaint by calling the toll free number. After this, your deducted money will come to your account within 2 to 3 days.

Without any problem how can you operate your ATM card

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