What are the solution and causes to avoid depression

What are the solution and causes to avoid depression ? Every fourth person is becoming a victim of depression in the runaway life of today. Depression sometimes lasts only for a short time, sometimes this depression takes a terrible form. If a person suffers from a disease related to depression, many times it disrupts the everyday life and functioning of that person or becomes the cause of the miseries of the family members of that person.

What are the solution and reasons to avoid depression

What causes depression ?

Depression is when we start thinking negatively on every aspect of life. When this situation reaches its peak, then the human being starts feeling useless and slowly reaches a state of depression. The level of many hormones in the body increases due to anxiety and stress, of which adrenaline and cortisol are prominent. The state of constant stress and tension turns into depression.

Out of every seven, one Indian Mental Disorder victim

According to the Reports of 2020, 25.23 crore Indians were suffering from mental disorder. Out of these, 6.79 crore depressive disorder and 6.59 crore people were victims of panic. According to the study, one in every seven Indians suffered from a mental disorder in 2020. Since 1990, the proportion of mental disorder in India’s total disease burden has almost doubled.

One Indian Mental Disorder Victim Every Seven

What are the solution and causes to avoid depression

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The end of depression is suicide

Ahmedabad-based psychologist Dr. Deepti Joshi says that the end of depression is suicide. WHO also believes this. According to Dr. Deepti, the ability to use intelligence in a person suffering from depression is lost.

The end of depression is suicide

Now the question arises how such a thing like depression is spreading so fast in Indian society. Shikha Sharma, an assistant professor and psychologist at Gitanjali Hospital in Udaipur, Rajasthan, considers the society responsible for this. She says that there is no awareness and acceptance in our society. This is why people ignore it.

What are the solution and causes to avoid depression


  1. Worrying constantly
  2. Worrying about healthy
  3. Negative thoughts
  4. Confusing thoughts
  5. Do not mind
  6. Temper to be irritable
  7. Short temper tantrums
  8. Confusion
  9. Change in mood
  10. Behaving madly
  11. Stay alone
  12. Nightmares
  13. Don’t be happy
  14. Taking stresses
  15. Speaking less
  16. Scared


  1. Headache
  2. Shaking of heart
  3. Shortness of breath
  4. Dizziness
  5. Fast heartbeat
  6. Body shaking
  7. Sweating
  8. Low blood pressure
  9. Being tired

What are the solution and causes to avoid depression


During depression, a person feels that nothing is going to change in his life and that person accepts his defeat. So let’s know how you can reduce depression by getting rid of negative thoughts.

  1. Take care of the matter

In this plan or strategy the person diverts his attention from that situation or problem and tries to keep himself busy in other work. Also gives up thinking about the problem that brings peace to the person

  1. Know the reason for depression

If you want to find a solution to depression, then try to find out the reason for depression. After this, write it somewhere. Then think what can be the solution for this problem? If possible, start executing it as soon as possible.

  1. Do not take tension for the future

“What will happen tomorrow” promotes troubles, so always live in today because the present is reality and keep trying to improve it. By doing this, your future will be cured automatically. Our every day and every moment teaches us something new and teaches us to fight troubles and difficulties.

  1. Screaming

Some people shout loudly to remove the frustration, tension etc. arising out of defeat. This is the best way to overcome a stressful situation or a painful situation. Psychologists also consider screaming to be a good technique in stressful situations.

  1. Listen to songs

A good technique or plan to relieve stress or pressure is that the person should listen to the songs. This reduces stress and makes the person feel refreshed.

  1. Get out of emotions

In everyday life, a person can come under stress from any problem, in such a way, this method or tactic is very useful that if the person shares his problems with other people like friend, brother, sister, etc., then his mind becomes lighter and stress is reduced because the feelings that arise in his mind are released.

  1. Do not consume drugs

Often, people resort to alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, etc. to reduce stress, so that for some time they get away from that situation but gradually they become a serious addiction which creates a new stress. So man should stay away from it.

  1. Remove depression from Pranayam

If you want to be free from tension and depression, then do pranayam daily. This yoga reduces tension, stress and depression and increases intelligence.

  1. Learn the art of laughing

Laughing reduces stress levels and relaxes our muscles. This increases the feel good factor and increases the amount of endorphin hormones and makes us feel relaxed.

  1. Get rid of loneliness

Loneliness is one of the biggest causes of depression. If someone in your family is suffering from depression, then spend time with them as much as possible. In more depression, people often have the idea of ​​suicide first so spend as much time with that person as possible.

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What are the solution and causes to avoid depression

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