The Hole in Ozone Layer has started healing

There is a good news coming from Lockdown, The Hole in Ozone Layer has started healing. The direct impact of diminishing inhuman activities of development is visible on nature and there is good news for this whole earth in the midst of lockdown in many countries around the world. Healing of the depletion of the layer of ozone which is necessary to live on the earth has started healing. However, this has nothing to do with the current lockdown. This is the result of decades of efforts under the Montreal Protocol to protect the ozone layer.

Healing of holes in the ozone layer

Let us tell you that in a recent study, the healing of holes in the ozone layer over the Atlantic is happening fast. This is a big news because the ozone layer was heavily damaged by CFCs and other harmful pollutants in the past and there was a huge hole in it. The world was worried about it, but the ozone layer above the Atlantic located in the southern part of the earth is now filling the hole. Its major credit goes to the 1987 Montreal Protocol. This protocol is an international treaty. The aim is to impose a complete ban on the production of substances that harm the ozone layer.

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These changes happened due to Montreal Protocol

Let us tell that since the year 2000, the air flowing in the strong current of the Southern Hemisphere, over the earth was going towards the South Pole of Earth due to the hole in the ozone layer, now it has not only stopped but now it has turned . This has been possible because the healing of the ozone layer in the ozone layer has begun to recover due to the Montreal Protocol ceasing production of ozone-depleting substances. The Hole in Ozone Layer has started healing.

If this happens, the entire hole will be filled by 2060

The study also revealed that the ozone layer is now expected to recover at different speeds in different parts of the atmosphere and if the world follows the Montreal Protocol, the ozone layer will be completely filled by 2060 and the world crisis hovering above will be over.

What is the ozone layer ?

The ozone layer is a layer of the Earth’s atmosphere in which the concentration of ozone gas is relatively high. Life on earth is possible only because of the ozone layer because ozone protects us from the UV rays coming from the sun. This layer absorbs 93–99% of the sun’s high-frequency ultraviolet light, which is harmful to life on Earth. More than 91% of the ozone of the Earth’s atmosphere is present here. It is located mainly in the lower part of the stratosphere from about 10 km to 50 km above the Earth’s surface, although its thickness varies seasonally and geographically.

Why is there a hole in the ozone layer ?

Explain the danger to the Earth It was first discovered in 1980 that there has been a hole in the ozone layer protecting the Earth from the Sun which is growing slowly. The ozone system in the stratosphere absorbs the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Ultraviolet radiation can cause skin cancer, molybdis, immune system damage, and plant damage. Therefore, Ozone is called the protective shield of the earth. The Hole in Ozone Layer has started healing.

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The Hole in Ozone Layer has started healing

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