Sonam Wangchuk appeals to countrymen, boycott Chinese goods

Sonam Wangchuk appeals to countrymen, boycott Chinese goods Noted Magsaysay Award winner Sonam Wangchuk has appealed to the people of the country to boycott China made goods through social media. He introduced himself at the beginning of the video posted on YouTube, about the confrontation and tensions that have arisen between China and India.

Sonam Wangchuk appeals to countrymen, boycott Chinese goods
Sonam Wangchuk appeals to countrymen, boycott Chinese goods

He said that he is in Ladakh and you are seeing the Indus river flowing here, and those are the hills. Behind them are the areas of Nubra and Changtang, where this tension is increasing. Thousands of soldiers have been taken there. It has been heard that Chinese Air Force ships have also been stationed there and Indian Air Force ships were also hovering over me an hour ago.

He further said, “Normally when there is tension on the border, then we citizens like you fall asleep at night thinking that the soldiers will answer it. But today I want to tell you this important thing that this time there is not just a military answer, a two-sided answer and a civil answer as well”.

You may have noticed that this is not just happening with India, but for the past several weeks China has been flirting with Vietnam, Taiwan and now Hong Kong in the South China Sea, and his analysis is that they all More than enmity with the country is doing to solve the problems inside ourselves.

Sonam Wangchuk appeals to countrymen, boycott Chinese goods

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Today China has the biggest fear, it is afraid of its people, their 140 crore population who work for the Chinese dictator government without human rights like a bonded laborer and make him rich, when he gets angry. Then a situation becomes like a revolution and China is very afraid of it.

Today, after the outbreak of Corona, factories in China are closed, exports are closed and unemployment has gone up by 20 percent, people are very angry, revolution can happen, there may be a coup. That is why China is engaged in enmity with its neighbors and connecting its people with itself and it is not doing it for the first time. When the war with India took place in 1962, that war was done to take care of its people, then there was four years of famine and starvation and it was a war to divert attention from it.

It is very important for China to keep increasing its GDP and the prosperity, and the day the GDP decreases the people are ready for revolution, He says this time India’s wallet power is also better than bullet power, Citizens who spend money to buy Chinese goods.

Sonam Wangchuk appeals to countrymen, boycott Chinese goods

Just think, you kill Indian industry and buy goods worth five lakh crores every year from China to idols to clothes and then these money can go ahead and become the cause of death of our soldiers by making weapons and guns on our border, so if 130 million people of our country and 30 million Indians who are from outside countries all together start a Boycott Made in China movement or campaign in India and rather worldwide, today there is anger towards China all over the world.

May the whole world come together and buy the Chinese trade on such a large scale that China has the biggest fear, that is, its economy will falter and its people will come in anger, protest and coup and if we do not If we talk about how bad luck will be for India, just think, on one hand our army will be fighting the war on the border, and on the other hand we will buy Chinese goods from mobiles to computers, clothes to toys, to their army Must be sending money to China’s army. Apart from this, he said many other things.

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Sonam Wangchuk appeals to countrymen, boycott Chinese goods

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