PM Modi will address the country at 10 am

PM Modi will address the country at 10 am Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the country once again on Tuesday, 10 am, amidst the ongoing war against Corona. The 21-day lockdown expires on April 14. In such a situation, the eyes of the entire country are focused on PM Modi’s address. It is expected that there is an exemption in the lockdown or not, but before that it is also a question of how many more days PM Modi extends the lockdown.

Announcement on Lockdown 2.0 today

Let us know that the Prime Minister is going to address the country for the fourth time in 26 days regarding the Corona virus. In a way, it is believed that he can announce the extension of the lockdown for the next 15 more days because the PM has indicated this in a meeting with the Chief Ministers. After this, states like Punjab and Maharashtra have extended the lockdown period till April 30.Announcement on Lockdown 2.0 today? PM Modi will address the country at 10 am

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  • 21 days lockdown is being completed today
  • Prime Minister will address the country for the fourth time in 26 days
  • PM Modi can declare to increase lockdown

These states increased lockdown

8 states extend lockdown till 30th April

At the same time, 8 states have already extended the lockdown period till April 30, without waiting for the instructions of the Center. This includes Punjab, Odisha, Maharashtra, Telangana, West Bengal, Karnataka, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu.

Unemployment has reached 23 percent

The country’s economy has been badly affected due to the 21-day lockdown. The CMIE report says that unemployment has reached 23 percent, while the record of 45 years was broken at 8 percent. In such a situation, it is expected that the Prime Minister can give exemption to the transport of factories and goods along with agriculture.

Relaxation in lockdown difficult in metro cities

Relaxation in lockdown difficult in metro cities

It is difficult for metro cities to get relaxation in increased lockdown. Corona cases are continuously appearing in Delhi, Mumbai, Indore, Gurugram, Bhopal, Noida, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Bengaluru. So it is difficult to get any new discounts here. It is also possible that the tightening during lockdown and sealing in these areas may be further increased.

Many ministries are under pressure

Many ministries are under pressure

Health Ministry’s Joint Secretary Luv Aggarwal said that due to the lockdown, many Ministries including Ministry of Telecommunication, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Ministry of Heavy Industries, Ministry of Textiles, Ministry of Surface and Transport and Ministry of Railways are under tremendous pressure. The challenge of opening industries has created a big problem for everyone while avoiding the infection of Corona.

Here, Home Ministry spokeswoman Punya Salila Srivastava said in the press conference on Monday evening that the movement of all the trucks is clouded. No one needs permission. A letter has been written to all states in this regard. But apart from them, the biggest problem is in front of the farmers and laborers. It is harvest time for the farmer and the lockdown has adversely affected him. Day laborers, on the other hand, have come to the brink of starvation due to the closure of construction work.

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PM Modi will address the country at 10 am

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