Night curfew imposed in Delhi, how to apply for E-PASS in Emergency

Corona virus cases have gained momentum once again in the country. Night curfew imposed in Delhi. Given this, many states have decided to impose lockdown. At the same time, when talking about Delhi, the Delhi government has announced for night curfew. Under this, curfew will be there from 10 pm to 5 am till 30 April. However, emergency service providers or those taking the vaccine will get a discount. But it is necessary to have an e-pass.


Who will get exemption in night curfew

1. No restriction on traffic movement.

2. Exemption for vaccine users, but e-pass is required.

3. Ration, grocery, fruit, vegetable, milk, medicine shoppers discounts but e-pass required.

4. Allowing media persons with e-pass.

5. Exemption to private doctors, nurses and paramedical staff but valid ID card required.

6. Discounts for passengers coming to and from the airport, railway station and bus stand but with valid tickets.

7. Permit pregnant women and patients going for treatment.

8. Public transport such as buses, Delhi Metro, autos, taxis, etc. will be allowed to be transported during the scheduled time to the same people who have been exempted during the night curfew.

9. Rebate to those engaged in essential services.

Night curfew imposed in Delhi, how to apply for E-PASS in Emergency

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Who can apply for e-pass?

According to the government, only people with essential services can apply for e-pass. Such as grocery, meat, milk or food service, banks, ATMs, insurance, media, telecom, IT, delivery, LPG, CNG, petrol pumps, private security, cold storage and in addition people carrying corona vaccine e-pass. Eligible for making.

How to get e-pass for night curfew?

If you have to go out during the emergency, then keep the e-pass with you. To create an e-pass, follow the steps given below-

1. Visit this link – ‘link.

2. Choose any language in Hindi or English according to you.

3. Now select e-pass for travel during night-curfew (10 PM-5 AM) from the drop down menu.

4. Here you will be asked for details like name, contact number, office address, service type and e-pass duration. Fill in the details.

5. Now upload one of your valid ID proofs. If you have a business card or shop license, you can also upload it.

6. Then tick the check box below and release the submit button.

7. In this way you will get e-pass application. Now you will be given a reference number. Through this, you can know the status of your e-pass.

Check status of e-pass

• To know the status, visit the link

• Select one language in Hindi or English.

• Here you will see a banner which says if you have already submitted an e-Pass application, click here to Check Status. Click on it.

• Then enter your reference number, you will know the status.
More about check

Check status of e-pass

Night curfew imposed in Delhi, how to apply for E-PASS in Emergency

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