Learn new salary of IAS officer

Know the new salary of IAS officer, of course, becoming an IAS officer is like a dream come true. After all, no matter if any government job is talked about, it is not only the highest and most prestigious job, but it is an excellent Indian bureaucratic setup in the field of Indian Administrative Service which is capable of doing something different enough. It also provides strength.

Despite various powers, many believe that the pay for the civil service officers get compared to private sector business managers is not enough. It may be traditionally true, but if you pay attention to the recommendations of the 6th Pay Commission, you will find that the salary of IAS officers has also increased drastically. This increase in salary is also reflected in the recommendations from the 7th Pay Commission.

Despite the substantial reforms in pay, the truth is that the salary of an officer does not really harmonize with the salary being offered in the private sector, but here a question arises whether people IAS are just making money. Are made for? The fact is that the kind of various allowances and other benefits that are given to any IAS officer beyond salary, can only be a dream for a private sector employee. And this fact is enough to prove that an IAS officer gets everything according to his worthwhile efforts and the time spent.

IAS Officer Salary

By the way, curious and aware readers who want to get detailed information about the salary of an IAS officer after the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission can see the following table.

6th Pay Commission                          7th Pay Commission

GradPay scaleGrade pay Pay scale Grade pay Year of servicePost
Junior scale15,600 –
5,40050,000 – 1,50,00016,500NASub Divisional Magistrate (SDM), SDO or Sub Collector (after 2 years probation)
Senior time scale15,600 – 39,1006,60050,000 – 1,50,00120,0005 yearsDistrict Magistrate (DM) or Collector Joint Secretary of Government Ministries
Junior Administrative15,600 – 39,1007,60050,000 – 1,50,00223,0009 yearsSpecial Secretary or Head of various government departments
Selection grade37,400 – 67,0008,7001,00,000 – 2,00,00026,00012 to 15  yearsMinistry Secretary
Super time scale37,400 – 67,00010,0001,00,000 – 2,00,00030,00017 to 20 yearsChief Secretary of any major government department
Above super time scale37,400 – 67,00012,0001,00,000 – 2,00,00030,000DifferentDifferent
Highest scale80,000 (fixed)NA2,40,000 (Fixed)NADifferentPrincipal Secretary of State, Central Secretary of various Ministries of Government of India
Cabinet secretary grade90,000 (fixed)NA2,50,000 (Fixed)NADifferentCabinet Secretary of India

Learn new salary of IAS officer

IAS Grade and Pay Scale

Needless to say that central government employees always come on top among the best paid in the entire bureaucracy and IAS officer is at the top of this system. Although the 7th Pay Commission report states that government employees are paid according to their status and associated pay scale, the truth is that there is no final limit on the government pay scale for employees, rather it is a special grade officer Refers to the maximum and minimum wage offer for. We should understand that in addition to a pay scale, grade pay, DA, HRD and other allowances and many other benefits are also included separately.

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