Know when and where your Aadhaar card was used

When I went to make a passport, I was first asked for the Aadhaar card information, similarly I had to give the Aadhaar card for voter ID update and Aadhaar is also necessary for ration card. Not only this, hospital or children’s school, any government work or bank, everywhere Aadhar card is required today. The SIM of the mobile is also available through the Aadhar card. You will be surprised to know that it is necessary to connect 139 services to Aadhaar at present. Overall, the Aadhaar card has become the most needed identity card in India today.

Know when and where your Aadhaar card was used

Know when and where your Aadhaar card was used

Considering the usefulness of Aadhaar, it is necessary to maintain it. But it is often heard that some companies or agencies are misusing your base. Recently, a case came in which wrong actions were done by activating the SIM on the basis of another. In such a situation, you are always afraid of your base, that no one can use it wrong. But the government has taken steps regarding Aadhar facility as well as Aadhaar security. You can check by yourself where your Aadhaar card is being used. This service started by the Government of India is completely free and you can get information about your Aadhaar from home. If you feel that the Aadhaar card is being misused then you can also complain about it. This process is very easy and further we have given detailed information.

Aadhar Card was used

Know when and where your Aadhaar card was used

Certain requirements

You can get information about Aadhar card linked services through mobile or computer. But for this it is necessary that those devices have Internet service activated. Apart from this, the mobile number is required to be registered with the Aadhaar number you are seeking information about and that mobile is also with you.

1. Firstly go to your mobile phone or computer and open internet browser and go to


2. Here you will get the information about Aadhaar authentication history at the bottom. Click on it. Or you can go directly to

3. In the Aadhaar authentication history, the request box will open and two information will be asked from you here.

4. First of all you have to enter your 12 digit Aadhaar number.

5. Below it will be a column of security code and the security code will appear next to it, fill it.

6. Below this, the generated OTP option will appear and click it.

Below this, the generated OTP option will appear and click it.

7.With this, a new window will open in the browser and an OTP will also come on your mobile. This OTP is valid for 30 minutes only

8. Some information will be asked from you here. First of all, what kind of information do you want. It has six options. If you make a choice here, it is better.

9. Below this will be the option of date where you can decide how long you want information from. Be aware that in this, you can see information up to a maximum of six months only.

10. At the bottom, there will be an option to see how many records you want to see on your Windows at once. By the way, we can only see a maximum of 50 records.

11. Below this will come the option of OTP. You have to enter the OTP on the mobile here and click on the bomb button below.

Just done, on Windows you will get complete information about when and where your Aadhaar number has been used. Here you can see everything. In this, the time will be told along with the date. At what time and day your Addhar number has been used.

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Know when and where your Aadhaar card was used

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