History of Lotus Temple

The Lotus Temple is located at Nehru Place in Delhi, the capital of India. The history of Lotus Temple is that it is a Bahai worship temple. This temple itself is a very amazing temple because neither this temple has any idol nor does it have any religious rituals of any kind. The structure of Lotus Temple is like a lotus flower due to which this temple in Delhi remains the center of major attraction. To see whoever follows any religion can come.

History of Lotus Temple
History of Lotus Temple

This temple is very popular, which is visited by more than 10 thousand tourists from around the country and abroad. The structure of this temple has been published in more than 125 newspapers with many awards and articles related to it have been written in many magazines. People of India consider the lotus flower as a symbol of purity and peace, along with it, the lotus flower is also considered to be the symbol of the incarnation of God. The environment around the Lotus temple is very quiet and clean, which is considered very appropriate for prayer and meditation.

History of Lotus Temple

Interesting History of Lotus Temple

Interesting History of Lotus Temple

The temple was inaugurated on 24 December 1986 but it was opened to the general public on 1 January 1987. Because of its shape like a lotus flower, this temple is called Lotus Temple.

This temple is built on 26 acres of land, which is not only a symbol of Indian beauty but also a symbol of unity and peace of all religions. The building consists of 27 steep marble petals, which are made in the shape of 3 and 9. The central hall of the Lotus Temple is 40 meters long and can hold around 2500 people at once.

The person who built the Lotus Temple was an Iranian who lives in Canada. The architect of the temple is named Fariborz Sabha, who designed and started building it in 1976.

The Bahai Upasana Mandir is one of those temples which is very essential for providing spiritual glow to any devotee while enlightening the glory, peace and exquisite atmosphere. Upasana Mandir provides information to tourists through media publicity and audio mediums.

The Bahai Upasana Mandir

To attract tourists to the temple, thousands of people are attracted not only by the temple, but also for praying and meditating and the scheduled time is attracted by the temple without large grasslands, white huge buildings, high domed prayer halls and idols. But also come to participate in the prayer meeting. This special prayer is held for five minutes every hour.

Bahá’íReligion – The Bahá’í Faith is a new religion founded in 19th century Iran in the 14th century, which emphasizes monotheism and the only cornerstone of various religions and creeds around the world. Bahá’í religion was founded by Bahá’u’lláh, according to all human religions of the world Has the same origin. Bahá’u’lláh is considered as the Kalki avatar who has come to the whole world for one purpose, his purpose and message being “a country on the whole earth and mankind is its citizen”.

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Time to visit the temple –

In summer the information center opens at 9.30 am, closing at 6.30 in the evening. Whereas in winter it is from 10.00 am to 05.00 am. Not only this, people also sit in the library of Upasana Mandir and read books of religion and also come to research them.

History of Lotus Temple

Address and place of arrival and ticket fees

Kalka Mandir Metro Station is located near Lotus Temple. With this, there is no fee to visit this temple, that is, you can go for tickets free here.

Interesting things related to Lotus temple

1. Lotus Temple was built by around 700 engineers, technicians, workers and artists.

2. It opened for the curious in March 2003.

3. Information center has main auditorium, in which about 400 people can sit together. In addition, there are two smaller auditoriums, which have about 70 seats.

4. There are a total of seven Bahá’í temples worldwide with this temple. The eighth temple is also going to be built soon.

5. This temple is surrounded by ponds and beautiful gardens from all sides as if it appears as if a lotus is swimming in water.

6. The Lotus Temple has about 9 doors.

7. The marble in the lotus temple was brought from Greece, which is known for its beautiful and excellent quality.

8. According to the 2001 CNN report, the most people in the world come to see it here. Meaning, in its name, it is a record that most tourists in the world have come to see it.

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History of Lotus Temple

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